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The DealersOnline valuation platform is the most effective and easy to use integrated valuation to auction platform in the market and generates consistent, auditable valuations every time.

In order to simplify the traditionally manual valuation process, we have developed an innovative electronic valuation application which allows the user to complete this procedure more quickly, more easily and with greater uniformity.

It’s all in the details…

In addition to the key features outlined above, due to the fact that our application provides a greater level of detail than ever possible before, the following other benefits provide a unique opportunity for your business to stand out from the crowd and enjoy more efficient business management.

 Digital Inspections

DealersOnline dispatches nationwide agents in conjunction with our advanced valuation and inspection application, literally putting a mobile workforce at your fingertips. This service combines mobility plus manpower to serve as your feet on the ground, delivering real time, efficient solutions which are customized to fit your personal needs.

Results of these inspections are available electronically, within minutes of completion of the physical inspection by our agent, offering you the fastest and most accurate feedback.

Using our trained and experienced inspectors and our advanced inspection application, DealersOnline will assist you in the process of conducting a full inspection of your vehicle to ensure that the vehicle does indeed exist and is in the condition promised.  DealersOnline will then suggest a reserve price for auction purposes.

Online Auctions

DealersOnline’s has trade centres in all the major regions.  Vehicles must be taken to the trade centre where our inspectors will do the full automated inspection for you.  You will be given a suggested reserve price for your vehicle.  If you agree upon this amount it will be the minimum starting price for the auction of your vehicle.  We will assist with all the administration of the transaction.  We will, after the sale pay over the funds less our commission.

Since inception of our business in 2007, we have perfected the art of a successful and unbiased online auction using the best available technology.

Our results speak for themselves with a 100% sales ratio for corporate clients over the past 3 years and an achievement of between 88% and 118% of trade value (brand dependent). Selling over 4500 vehicles per month (in excess of 100 000 vehicles since our inception), we are the undisputed leader in the online auction business.


Our advanced online auction software solution offers businesses the capability to create their very own online auction platforms as a definitive turn-key solution for disposal of fleet assets.

Our mission is not simply to sell software, but rather to provide, implement and support innovative business solutions that enable our clients to be more successful. The outcome of our engagements with clients must add quantifiable and sustainable bottom-line value to their business.

Our online auction software solution offers a fully integrated platform which includes design and hosting, installation, maintenance and ultimately, proven performance.

Current customers maximizing business efficiency through the use of online auction platforms custom designed by DealersOnline include: • Barloworld • Avis • Budget • Landrover • Jaguar • Honda • Ford • Volvo Commercial Vehicles • Fiat • Alfa • Vodacom Fleet • Online Trucks • Quoin Online

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